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Delivering learning solutions that make a difference in health and social care


Helpful, Supportive and Passionate.

Why? Because our team of Cloud Makers, Consultants and Supporters work tirelessly to provide the best learning solutions for the Health and Social Care sector.

Our team draws on it’s vast experience within the Health and Social Care sector to help understand your learning and development needs.

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Our Accreditation

All of our online elearning courses are written by qualified Subject Matter Experts with years of experience in the Health and Social Care sector.

All of our online elearning courses are CPD certified by the CPD Certification Service. As an organisation we are a Skills for Care Endorsed Provider, in fact, we helped Skills for Care to write the endorsement framework!

We are also very proud to hold Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation so you can trust that we will keep your information secure.


5 reasons why companies choose us

CPD Certified Online Training Courses
  1. Accessibility - to 80 + CPD certified elearning courses

  2. Flexibility - Ability to manage all learning, not just elearning in one place

  3. Quality Assurance - We are a Skills for Care endorsed Provider

  4. Innovation - We offer the industry’s first Learning MOT

  5. Accountability - A suite of powerful reports available at your fingertips.


Our impact on the sector 

Accessible online learning platform

Over 2 million elearning courses completed

CPD Certified elearning is at the heart of our Learning Environment. Our systems manage thousands of new completions daily and it’s all because we make learning accessible and fun.


Skills for Care and My Learning Cloud

Skills for Care and My Learning Cloud worked together to produce the endorsement framework which now governs what constitutes good elearning in Adult Social Care in England.

elearning in Adult Social Care

Online elearning platform

98% of learners agree that their learning needs were met

According to a recent survey of over 137,000 of our learners, an amazing 98% agreed their learning needs were being met by undertaking our online elearning within our Learning Environments.

Source: My Learning Cloud Evaluation Survey 2018


We created the first Learning MOT

We listened to our customers who didn’t want repeated costly learning for the sake of it, so we developed this amazing tool that enables learners to fill in their knowledge gaps with learning tailored to the individual.

Our MOT development tool enables you to reduce unnecessary learning by testing current knowledge and providing tailored learning pathways to support knowledge gaps.

We’re here to save you time and get your staff certified.

Elearning MOT from My Learning Cloud

Learner Centric Design

Our Learning Environment has been designed to empower the learner.

We have been very mindful in our design of the Learning Environment and elearning courseware that it is suitable for the learner, their manager and the organisation.

We have used a learner-centric approach for the design of our Learning Environment and elearning courseware to motivate, engage and support the learner on their learning journey and ultimately deliver successful outcomes for your organisation

Learner Centric Design

Some of our valued customers